Rob McFarland,

President & Founder


I fell in love with roller coasters at a young age. I loved watching them operate. I loved the screams of delight and fear. I also loved the clickity-clack of the chain lift and the smell of the grease. Though I still love those things about coasters, there is so much more!


I went to the fair every year and rode the flat rides but I did not ride my first coaster until around age 9, the Dahlonega Mine Train at Six Flags Over Georgia. I liked it, but I was still scared to ride the “big” coasters. I decided to try my first adult coaster around the age of 14, which was the Ninja at SFOG. That day, I became obsessed with coasters and rode everything else in the park!


Now I can’t wait to visit new parks and add coasters to my list. I stay current with coaster news and updates online. I always keep up with the latest installations and facts about various coasters. It is a fun hobby to have and I am glad to have met so many others that share my passion.