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Credit Record-


1052 (864 Steel, 188 wood, over 1000 parks)


Most Sought After Credit -


Bullet @ Selva Magica in Guadalajara Mexico…I saw it in pieces before it was erected at the new park…I should have ridden it when it was Weiner Looping at Circus World outside of Orlando back in the day but never did! BTW LONG LONG FAN OF SCHWARZKOPF!


Top 5 wood-

El Toro

Wood Coaster @ Knight Valley in China

Ravine Flyer II

Balder @ Lieseberg, Sweden

Renegade @ Valleyfair


Top 5 Steel-

Expedition Geforce

Nemesis @ Alton Towers

Intimidator 305

New Texas Giant



Top 5 Parks-

Tokyo Disneysea

Tokyo Disneyland

Europa Park (Germany)


Busch Gardens Tampa


Other Favorate Park things:


Big fan of Cheesy Dark Rides

Antique Carousels (not the replica plastic ones they make today)

Log Flumes

Super Unusual Flat rides (look up Tagada)



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