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Credit Record-


151 (119 Steel, 32 Wood)


Most Sought-After Credit-

Fury325 and Banshee


Top Five Wood-

1. Outlaw Run

2. Thunderhead

3. Apocolypse (SFMM)

4. Ghost Rider

5. Grizzly-Kings Dominion


Top Five Steel-

1. X2

2. Tatsu

3. Goliath (SFOG)

4. Griffon

5. Wild Eagle


Top Five Parks-

1. Dollywood

2. Knott's Berry Farm



5. Silver Dollar City


Favorite Park Event-

Thrills in the Hills at Dollywood.


Things to do at parks besides coasters-

Flume rides, dark rides, wave swingers and some flat rides, drop towers, people watching, just hanging out, taking photos and videos, making amusing on ride photos, just taking in the atmosphere in general, talking to other coaster and park enthusiasts, seeing how many times in a row I can ride favorite coasters, enjoying park food, and appreciating the atmosphere/all of the little details. And when at Dollywood, consuming as much cinnamon bread as I can stand.


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