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Credit Record-

124 (108 steel, 16 wood, 19 parks)


Most Sought-After Credit-

Kingda Ka-I've never been to Six Flags Great Adventure but one day I will get the opportunity to ride the tallest coaster on earth.


Top Five Wood-

1. Thunderhead

2. Apocalypse (SFMM)

3. Hurler

4. Thunder Road

5. Gwazi


Top Five Steel-

1. Georgia Scorcher

2. New Texas Giant

3. Xcelerator

4. Raging Bull

5. Montu


Top Five Parks-

1. Universal Studios Orlando

2. Islands Of Adventure 

3. Dollywood

4. Busch Gardens Tampa

5. Six Flags Great America


Things to do at parks besides coasters-

I love people watching at theme parks. It’s hilarious to watch people reactions when they board and depart from a roller coaster. Also Iove studying the coaster designs and watching the coasters in motion. Taking lots of pictures at parks are also fun. When I am at home I am usually designing rides and managing my theme parks on Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and 3 and No Limits coaster simulator.


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