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Credit Record-

209 (170 steel, 39 wood, 33 parks)


Most Sought-After Credit-

X2 and Twisted Colossus (which I will get this year)


Top Five Wood-

1. The Beast

2. Thunderhead

3. El Toro

4. Great American Scream Machine

5. Lightning Racer


Top Five Steel-

1. Fury 325

2. Intimidator 305

3. Skyrush

4. New Texas Giant

5. Kumba


Top Five Parks-

1. Magic Kingdom

2. Disney's Hollywood Studios

3. Kings Island

4. Carowinds

5. Hersheypark


Favorite Park Event-

Haven't been to one, yet.


Things to do at parks besides coasters-

Take pics and vids, Ride the other rides, eat and watch shows.


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