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Metro Atlanta Coaster Club was founded in July 2009.


We try to take at least two major trips and several weekend trips each year.  Being included in the club does not require you to take trips with us or even come to meetings; it's all about the love of roller coasters.  You may only have a small interest right now but, as we've learned, it can turn into an obsession.


Our club is open to all people regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion.  We would prefer that our members be at least 21 years of age but this is not set in stone.


We thank you for checking us out and hope to hear from you soon!  Please use the contact form you'll find at the bottom of any page on the site.



The MACC staff are members who volunteer their time to keep the club running. The group serves as the club officers, organizing and planning the various events for the members.

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